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John Wanamaker, a popular merchant from United States, once said “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half!” In case you can relate to what he is saying, and are struggling with a similar problem, then you probably do not know the value of Google Adwords.

Google Adwords, or Google advertising, or Pay Per Click advertising, whatever you call it, all means the same. The question is how likely are you using its benefits to grow your business? To understand how Adwords can benefit your business, let us first look at how it works.

How AdWords Work?

Why should you spend on Adwords?

Looking at how Adwords work, it is pretty clear that it goes hand in hand with online marketing. Online marketing is all about making an effort to be found by the relevant customers/consumers; and Google Adwords help ensure that they find you. Discussed below are many other reasons which state that doing online marketing is incomplete without Adwords.

  1. Google Adwords is Measurable: With Google Adwords, you can get to measure every aspect of marketing, starting from the number of clicks, number of impressions, click through rate (CTR), number of conversions, conversion rate, cost per click (CPC), and cost per acquisition (CPA). With Google Adwords, you can even identify which keywords are not performing well and can accordingly take actions to control losses.
  1. Google Adwords is Cost Effective: Adwords campaign is optimized and you pay only when someone clicks on your ad. Above that you can decide how much you want to spend. You can increase your bid or decrease it, it is completely flexible and you can optimize it precisely with the help of the PPC experts.
  1. Google Adwords is Instant: With Google Adwords, marketers do not have to wait for days to see results. It is instant and displays results within hours. Due to Adwords, Google displays ads at relevant websites or search results, which prompts instant traffic, which is redirected to the well-optimized on-site or off-site webpages.
  1. Google Adwords assure High ROI: As mentioned above, another name for Goggle Adwords is Pay Per Click marketing. As the name suggests, marketers only pay for the ad when a user clicks on it. Paying for ads only when they are clicked simply suggests that your investment is paid off well. And to convert this into profitable business, marketers can efficiently work upon effective bidding, generating best performing keywords, etc.
  1. Google Adwords is not about highest investors: Google Adwords do not display ads at the best locations or showcase an ad frequently on the basis of highest amount paid. To showcase ads, Google pays importance to factors such as relevancy, quality, and value to the users. It is simply unbiased and most effective way to advertise for business.
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