7 Crazy Trends That Went Viral

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“A donut I ate last night is the latest update on my ‘insta’ (Instagram) profile. A selfie with my latest book—’50 Shades of Grey’ holds 68 likes. ‘Ice bucket’ challenge done by me got 109 reviews. Yaayyyy!… What else do I need to be a trend? Or rather set a trend! Pheww!” — Do such thoughts attack you as well? Are you also a victim of social media’s whimsical effect, an obsession that makes you want to stay on top of all the trends?

If yes, then this blog is a must read for you.

With a growing interest of people in social media, anything and everything which is unique and out of the box, sets a trend. Whether you are clicking a selfie, traveling somewhere, reading something, feeling any emotion, listening to music, eating or cooking, whatever it may be, everything has social media potential. Beat that!

Today’s society is moving ahead at a faster pace than ever. Whether it is disruptive technology or social media’s bucket of wimpy and crazy trends, all are reaching zenith.

As we know that one swallow doesn’t makes a summer, so to seed and propagate trends, several social media and marketing teams are coming up with new and extraordinary ideas with the intentions of mutating the customary and regular concepts to give rise to a popular monomania. The idea incorporated by you should be outstanding— which have never been done, read or seen before.

Given below are some of the whacky social media trends that were loved by the people, went viral and some that eventually fulfilled business and brand objectives!

Kolaveri Di


Image Source: http://bit.ly/1umf09Z

Why this kolaveri.. kolaveri..kolaveri  D ? Kolaveri D? Like really? You didn’t understand a single word still the lyrics were on your lips and tips.

Who could have thought that a Tamil boy —Dhanush would top the Indian trends on Twitter? With these ‘hard to decipher’ lyrics the video received 3.5 million views on YouTube, more than 1 million shares on Facebook. The song became the top downloaded song on mobile with 4,100,000 downloads within the first 18 days of release. This crazy collision of Tamil and English created an unimaginable trend all over the digital world and left us jaw dropped.

Gangnam Style


Image Source: http://bit.ly/1umeMjg

Another track that has had a cradle to grave effect on us —“Gangnam Style”! This video was a worldwide hit. A singer from Korea — ‘Psy’, became the first singer to give a marvelous wallop with this video. It got more than two billion views on YouTube. Who could have ever thought that these horse-riding alike dance steps would be adopted by every human being? And from a 4 year old to 70 year old would say —‘Let’s do the Ganganam Style’! Crazy isn’t it?

Ice Bucket Challenge


Image Source: http://bit.ly/1qye2po

This trend truly brought my childhood memories to the present — I still remember my mother splashing a bucket full of water on me to wake me up from my very precious sleep.

But this idea with an added new twist stood for quite a noble cause. The ice bucket challenge was initiated by the ALS group of UK to support the Motor Neuron Disease Association donation program. Individuals accepting this challenge had to donate money or perform this challenge within 24hrs of their nomination. This concept had 1.2 million videos on Facebook between June 1 and August 13, 2014 and around 2.2 million hash tags on Twitter between July 29 and August 17, 2014.



Image Source: http://bit.ly/1w5KDom

Pouring straight from the upper keys of your QWERTY keypad (#) hash tagging has become another facet of the millennium. It is a common phenomenon seen on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. But now it has taken over the Whatsapp statuses as well. Instead of proper sentences now just a prominent word is written enlisting a #tag in front. It’s a growing trend and is subjected to stay for a longer period.



Image Source: http://bit.ly/1qydU9s

While eating, sleeping, bathing, gyming, high in space or in water whatever situation you may be in, a ‘selfie’ is a must.  From highest buildings in the world to the most prestigious award show on earth, be it road side, sea side or dump side— selfies, selfies everywhere. Why? No matter if you are an eminent person or simply a mango person, all that you do is flaunting. Every expression, action, performance captured by your selfie states your mood. And I guess this trend’s going to stay for long!

The Confessions Page


Image Source: http://bit.ly/1ttaBUT

From all the hard feeling to your digital love letters, this confession page game in-stored all. Enlisting your secrets and putting your heart out was the best thing that brought this trend upwards. Now introverts were also able to speak for themselves and extroverts could vent out anonymously.  All campuses, schools, colleges had their very own confession page. Though it started with good intentions but it did get a lot of malicious and vicious posts as well. Indeed it was crazy but had a short shelf life.

Unique Memes


Trolling of course has become quite common now! Alok Nath Memes, Ache din anne wale hai, CID and Rajnikant memes took over the social media world with immense gusto. Making or breaking the bones via ‘Daya’s’ jokes (one of the CID, fiction show’s character) built a new chain of humorous one liners amongst the youth. People started sharing jokes, memes and graphics regarding on ‘Sanskars’ and spiritual enlightenment using Bollywood actor Alok Nath’s images.


And of course, who can ever miss out on the ever prevalent jokes and humor on the invincible power of Rajnikant!

With the increasing emphasis on building communities via social networks the trends which went viral brought in-streaming ‘Likes’ on Facebook, built followers on Twitter and brought traffic on several websites.

What is going to be the next crazy trend that would go viral? Any thoughts?

Story Credit/ Contributor – Inderpreet Kaur

Find her on Facebook here.

Follow her on Twitter: @inderpreet14ip

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