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You’ve created a great blog and are about to hit the ‘publish’ button, WAIT! Have you added the tags?

Don’t tell me you don’t know what tags are? Oh Man! You are missing out on something really essential to the success of your blog. And that are ‘tags’.

It is pretty much apparent that your blog does need tags (just like the Word Press ones), as much as it needs quality content.

What are ‘TAGS’?

Most blogging sites have a webpage like the one above with the popular tags. From these tags you can select the specific topic you are looking for, thus making your search easier.

Just as ‘keywords’ do to your blog, in the same way ‘tags’ are useful in categorizing your blog posts. Using these tags, blog readers can filter the different posts to get to a specific topic. A blog can have as many tags as it requires but related to the content it features.

Depending on the blog platform you’re using, there are numerous ways in which your blog can benefit from the added tags. Most blog platforms usually include a page for each blog tag.

Why a blog needs ‘TAGS’?

Tags have been used differently in different places but with the same objective- ‘making the search easier’.

Have you ever thought why the laundry shops have tags on clothes?

The answer is simple, so that they easily locate the laundered clothes.

Why did diaries have tags?

Similar answer, to reach the particular page you’re looking for without going through the dragging task of going from one page to another.

With huge increase in the number of blog posts hollered out every day, need for structuring them into related topics was necessary. Keeping with the same thought ‘categories’ and ‘tags’ were created.

‘Categories’ and ‘tags’ can be defined as taxonomies for a blog.

Categories are used for broad grouping of blog posts. Tags however help to describe specific details of the blog posts.

Tags thus gave the readers an easy way to navigate through the blog posts depending upon the topic they are looking for, without having to go through the pain of browsing the content chronologically.

Why say YES to TAGS?

The sole intention of using tags is making your content more structured. Think of tags as content buckets that your different blog posts can fall under. Using categories and tags correctly and effectively can increase the average time readers spend on your page, boost your SEO, and in turn provide an overall satisfying experience for your readers.

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