Down The Content Marketing Rabbit Hole

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To the uninitiated, let us begin with what Content Marketing really is. Let’s assume that The Wonderland that Alice visited and later hushed up as fabrication of a fertile mind is now open to tourists.  Why, you ask? Well between all those eccentrics, a source of income became important. Thus the gates have been thrown open to tourists and while The Queen of Hearts still issues her ‘Off with Their Heads’ directive intermittently, no one bothers to follow up on it.

Now comes the all important job of marketing Wonderland. One way to go about it would be to tell more people about it via various media. A ‘Have You Been to The Wonderland Lately? It’s Ridiculously Safe!’ sort of communication.  That’s what we call the sell – sell approach. Another way, would be to create such an aura of The Wonderland in frequently visited places that possible tourists get pulled in like nails to a magnet.

What are these Places and Who is Aura?

Digitally speaking (everything else is taboo here), the highly frequented places are various Social platforms including but not limited to blogs, forums, social sites etc. Places where people go to look at cute cat pictures, have an interaction or look up solutions to a problem (Like, why can’t I stop staring at cats?).  While aura is the spirit of what you are trying to market.

How do you encapsulate a spirit and project it at various places?

This is where we pull out the glamor of Content. Say, they invite Alice over to write about her experiences in Wonderland for the Mad Hatter’s Blog including the best places to visit. Then Alice’s friend Celia and Emily are invited to give their take on the Must See Places and Must Do Things while touring Wonderland. Emily gushes so much about the Lobster Quadrille that Frodo and Samwise decide to go there next weekend. They always thought Emily had good taste for fun.

What am I smoking?

First of all, I do not smoke, thank you very much. Secondly, there are some compelling facts that will blow all your doubts out of the water.

  • In the year 2014, 58% businesses are planning to pump in more money into Content Marketing.
  • In the buying cycle, 93% of online researchers hit a search engine for primary info and 68% consumers check out a company on social networks before putting out a penny.
  • 93% of B2B businesses bank on content marketing for both brand propagation and demand creation.
  • A galloping 78% of Chief Marketing Officers invest in customized content creation around their brand, product or service.
  • 63% of readers would rather plan a purchase based on blogs than magazines.
  • 73% B2B businesses are churning out more content than a year ago.
  • In contrast companies that do not blog, 67% more leads get generated by companies that do.

Marketers are thinking up new innovative ways to generate content that helps their customers make an informed decision.

So borrowing from The Mock Turtle’s song :

Will you, won’t you, will you, won’t you, won’t you start a blog?

***The End***

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