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YouTube has been here in the market for quite a while now. It released way back in 2005, and was acquired by Google in 2006. Relatively new is the Facebook video, which has its own different premise and engagements. But before we get to the new, are we sure we are getting optimal use out of the old? YouTube marketing is a part of the digital marketing portfolio, and people have not failed to realize the potential that a YouTube channel holds for branding.

Some basic comparison facts for YouTube and Facebook videos:

  • Videos posted straight to Facebook tend to generate more engagement but it takes relatively less views on videos uploaded to YouTube videos in order to generate the same rate of engagement.
  • When it comes to metrics, the engagement rate for Facebook videos is more reliable than the YouTube view count.
  • On YouTube, the most engaged videos are almost 10 X longer than the Facebook’s most engaged videos.
  • Video content does better in the engagement sector on Facebook when it is short, while on YouTube, the longer a video, the more the engagement.
  • Best time for a call to action is around the 30 second mark on a YouTube video.

To help you a bit, and to keep up with the cheat sheet tradition, here are a few tips that can help you with your YouTube marketing strategy.


Start at home: There are a number of tools that are available on YouTube, and the best place to begin is by utilizing these tools. Make sure you provide an accurate title and a detailed description to your videos and that you use relevant keywords or tags.

Ask people: It does not sound needy or greedy if you use a call to action within your videos. Ask people in the video itself, encourage them to like, rate, comment on and share your videos.

Take help: There is no shame in asking people to help you, ask your friends, family, coworkers, relatives, clients, and customers to share the videos with their online friends. Even avalanches need a little push.

Social Media: It’s like we are at a point where anything would be incomplete without social media. Use your networking and social sites to promote the videos. Become active on Facebook, Google +, Instagram, Twitter, and whatever else is relevant. Create an online presence and use it to promote the videos.

Through the company: If you have already ventured into the content part of marketing, your company blog and website are also good platforms to incorporate the videos. Add them to your newsletters and online brochures if you want to. Plus you can promote your channel through even the printed catalogs, sales materials, and traditional advertising. You can also share them with your existing clients through opt-in mails.

Do some PR: Various public relation techniques like press releases, contacting reporters, bloggers, editors, etc. to generate some free media coverage in the mainstream or generating blogs to cater to your audience are also some of the ways that you can use to promote your YouTube videos.

Listings: Get your videos and channels listed with the search engines, and then start to focus on SEO strategies that can help you get good listing placement. Next, you can consider paying for some keyword advertising. Google AdWords for Video is a rather cost effective tool and very powerful when it comes to promoting YouTube videos.

Collab: A trick that many youtubers use, try to collaborate on videos with other brands, brands that are already using YouTube rather effectively. Make sure that those companies are also targeting the same audience and that they are not your competitors. This way you can reach out to a larger audience that is in your collaborator’s subscriber list.

These tricks and tips should help get your YouTube marketing strategy on the right track. Of course there is always an option where if your budget allows, you can hire a YouTube video marketing company that can help you plan and implement the online promotional campaign that would suit your needs.

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