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Productivity is a science, something that can be learnt and done right. It is not about the amount of tasks you accomplish in a day, it is more about their kind, how helpful or valuable they were for your overall work progress. There are things that can be done to do our work better and especially in a way that makes us say, “Ah! I got a lot done today!” Following are a few things that can be put into action to benefit your everyday productivity.

Okay, to be honest, getting into a habit of doing these is not very easy. I’ve been trying to stick to it for more than 6 months and still slip on some of the rules once in a while. But, the days I do stick to all of these, it feels awesome and everything goes super well.

  • Exercise

Exercising early in the morning is a great start to a day. This doesn’t only help you be awake and aware throughout the day, but also helps you get better sleep at the end of the day. Studies reveal, people who exercise between 6 to 8 am live a happier and healthier life.

  • Eat breakfast

Skipping the day’s first meal to save calories is the worst thing ever. Not only does that promote weight gain but also leads to poor productivity. Having a healthy morning meal is important to fuel you through the day and energize you to concentrate on work better.

  • Read each mail only once

This may sound weird, but when you open an e-mail, decide what to do with it right there – reply, forward, archive or delete the mail. Just don’t leave it for later to pile up with other mails.

  • Keep a pen with you always

Make use of sticky notes, diaries or anything that helps you remind things. Write down important ideas, thoughts etc. as soon as they pop up in your mind.

  • Take breaks

This sounds like bad advice but you can never be productive if you glue yourself to the desk and work continuously. Regular breaks will keep you refreshed. In fact, many studies have shown that brief diversions actually help increase your focus, in turn making you more productive in the time you work.

  • Look at images of animals

I know, it’s the most bizarre thing to do during working hours, but this does help. This is the same reason why the social media news feeds are often full of cute animal pictures. A study conducted in Japan stated that when people came across such images, feelings of care, giving and affection increases, and they end up putting more attention to the details in the task they were working on.

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