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Why do you think responding to reviews is important?

The obvious answer would be that it helps build a brand’s goodwill among its customers. And in general, it also imparts you with loads of knowledge about consumer wants, their psychology and your brand position etc. There are many other considerable reasons to revert to a customer review regardless of the platform or nature of the review.

That smile on our faces when a customer leaves a five-star review is priceless. It sure deserves a pat on your and your team’s back, but appreciating the customer for their valuable time and the happy review is imperative. Make sure next time you see a good review on your service/ product page online, you reciprocate with a welcoming and pleasant thank you. Let me give you further detailed reasons why you must, must, must reply to that positive review:

  • It will help you bond with the customer, turning them into a long term loyal customer to your brand.
  • It will project you as approachable and many other customers will be encouraged to post positive reviews, realizing that their views are valued.
  • Many digital marketing reports state that about 92% of the online audience read reviews. Which means, you can gain prospective customers with this promptness as it will leave an impression that you engage with the audience and therefore, are a responsible brand.
  • Proper replies will help improve the SEO ranking of these review and advantage the brand as the review shows up in search results.

How to respond to Positive comments online?

  • Thank the customer specifically. Addressing them by name and highlighting a point they mentioned will sound friendly and interactive.
  • Invite them or suggest ways to enhance their next experience. For instance, in case of a restaurant review you write ‘please visit again’ or ‘do try our special masala chicken next time’
  • Use keywords in your reply to help in search results. You can also use your brand’s name in between comments.
  • You can, in addition, use it as an opportunity for marketing your services. Say, you have added a new product to your portfolio, you can mention it and encourage the customer to give it a try.

Unlike good reviews, everyone wants to just ignore negative reviews, they are so annoying after all. However, it’s unfortunate that bad reviews just cannot be ignored until they somehow vanish. And the fact is that ignoring such reviews will only worsen the situation. Therefore, it is also imperative that you revert to bad reviews positively, in an attempt to not lose a customer so easy. The following reasons should be enough to make you reply to your unhappy customers right away:

  • The review won’t just increase the probability of this one staying, but will also convey your message to everyone reading the review, also increasing the probability of prospective customers joining you in.
  • It will also help make a brand goodwill as the customers would receive an impression of a responsive and caring brand, that doesn’t want other customers to have the same kind of inconvenience.
  • It’s an opportunity to turn things around and do a little promotion, not hurting the sentiments of the reviewer.

How to respond to negative comments online?

  • Acknowledge and apologize for the customer’s bad experience. Then, assure them they’ll have a better experience next time.
  • Similar to positive reviews, you can smartly use it as an opportunity to market your services or products.
  • Provide them with an email id or other contact information so they can have direct conversation on the issue, away from eyes of the potential customers.
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