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Twitter has become a popular tool for businesses seeking to grow their online presence and build upon their capabilities. While there are many Twitter business tips available on the internet, too many can overwhelm and confuse even the seasoned marketing professional, transforming a 140 character message into a micromanaged mess of analysis.

Twitter provides businesses with a channel to connect with new people, keep in touch with current customers, find out what’s going on in the industry, monitor competitors and an additional method to transmit communication.

Businesses across the world use Twitter to generate awareness, connect with customers and drive sales.

If you’re new to Twitter, then it’s normal to be a little more than confused. You can learn the basics, like creating your account, by visiting this page from the Twitter blog.

Before we discuss expert Twitter business tips, consider why you are seeking to invest in Twitter marketing.

Some businesses utilise the social networking site to strengthen their company brand or generate leads. Others use Twitter to share ideas, connect with industry peers or drive traffic to their website or company blogs. Some like to use Twitter to monitor up-to-date news, follow celebrities or to provide responsive customer service.

Defining your purpose and your marketing goals will help you to decide how to best use Twitter to create business value. If you don’t use Twitter wisely, then your time can quickly be lost in the world of digital communication.

Below are my top 20 expert Twitter business tips. If you would like to add more Twitter business tips to this list, then add them to the comments section below this article.

Twitter Business Tips

Optimise Your Business Presence On Twitter

  1. Handle: Your handle, or username, is how people identify you on Twitter and acts as your platform vanity URL. It’s wise to ensure your Twitter handle is either your business name, or if that’s taken, is something easy for people to distinguish and remember.
  2. Branding: Add custom branding to your Twitter profile in the form of a Header image, Profile image and Background image. One of the easiest Twitter business tips to implement is to bring your branding up-to-date. You should ensure your Twitter branding is consistent with your business branding, website, and across all your online and offline resources.
  3. Bio: Your bio is the only section to customise text on Twitter, other than your actual tweets. Make sure it outlines what you do, how you can benefit people, and any relevant hashtags. Also remember to include your location and a link to your website.

Build Your Content Strategy

  1. Planning: Take time to create a Twitter content plan and establish content guidelines and usage policies. Seek to build a flexible content calender that allows for creativity and responsiveness to industry topic trends, while giving continuity and coverage to your business communication. Similar to business in general, planning is essential to all Twitter business tips – failing to plan is planning to fail.
  2. Deliver value: Always deliver value to your audiences – this is fundamental to all Twitter business tips. Without value, no one would have reason to follow or interact with your messaging. Value is usually attributed to compelling, relevant content that your audience wants to engage with.
  3. Format: You should aim to mix up your Twitter messaging and share various types of updates, including: opinion, news, relevant quotes, interesting articles, videos, tips, images, business announcements and promotional content.
  4. Curation: Content curation is the art of sharing existing content to your audiences. If the content is relevant and interesting, then this tactic provides extra value to your followers, while varying your content stream to wider sources. It is also beneficial for establishing and strengthening relationships with other content creators in your industry and can create reciprocal efforts for additional social shares.
  5. Hashtags: use hashtags to broaden the scope of your content. Savvy users follow hashtags that are relevant to their business or interests, and using relevant hashtags in your Tweets will increase reach and exposure.
  6. WIFM: From the shoes of your audience, always ask yourself what’s in it for me? If you’re planning to use Twitter to generate leads, incentive your messages to persuade users to take action. Think about how people will decide to take the actions you want them to, and design your content accordingly.

Grow And Engage Your Followers

  1. Interact: Social media marketing is human to human (H2H), so ensure you interact with other Twitter users. Simply posting content won’t work towards your business or marketing objectives. Routinely take good chunks of time to reach out and speak to existing and new customers.
  2. Personality: You should be encouraged to showcase your personality, while transmitting the business image correctly. It’s easy for something undertaken in global domains to be taken out of context, so be sure maintain the business reputation by acting responsibly. Be yourself and don’t have an alter-ego just for online conversation. When taking an engaged prospect from a Twitter chat to a phone call, you want to come across the same and not appear deceptive.
  3. Follow tools: Use various tools such as ManageFlitter and JustUnfollow to follow targeted users and grow your follower base. One of the most overlooked of the Twitter business tips is to make sure you’re not simply marketing to the same audience over and over. Expand your scope and your Twitter messages will reach further.
  4. .Mention: If you want your tweets to reach further than the Twitter users you’re replying to, then don’t start the message with @username. Put a full stop (.) before the Twitter handle and you’re message will appear in the home stream of your followers, not just to those who you’re replying to.
  5. Reciprocation: Don’t expect other Twitter users to share your messages, just because you shared theirs. Retweeting doesn’t automatically mean an endorsement of your business or an expectation to return the positive sentiment. Reciprocation happens when their is mutual value and benefit – concentrate on delivering value and being helpful.
  6. Customer Service: Twitter is a real-time communication exchange platform that is very fast paced due to it’s 140 character limit. This means that it is a good platform for delivering responsive customer service, getting messages out to customers or potential buyers quickly and easily.
  7. Social selling: Contrary to modern belief, Twitter and other social media networks can be used for selling your products and services. It just needs to be done correctly and to social etiquette. Use social monitoring tools to listen for buying signals and triggers, before engaging appropriately with Twitter users.

Measure Your Results And Refine Your Efforts

  1. Measurement: Use Twitter measurement tools such as Twitalyzer, Twtrland or TweetReach to measure your Twitter marketing efforts. Benchmark your performance against your business and marketing goals to see how effective your Twitter campaigns have been.
  2. Analysis: Analyse your measurements to identify what practices have added value and which have been more of a drain. One of my go-to Twitter business tips is to find the 20% of efforts that are contributing to 80% of results, then focus on that 20%.
  3. Refinement: Understand what was undertaken in the 20% of efforts to produce significant results, and refine your campaigns accordingly. Routine social media refinement means that your Twitter campaigns will continue to improve and be results orientated.
  4. Rinse and Repeat: Find what works and repeat, with minor improvements. This continuous cycle will allow you to understand the impact small changes have on your campaign, kind of like an ongoing split-test with different Twitter practices. If you’re to remember only one of these Twitter business tips, remember that standing still is moving backwards – always keep moving forwards and trying to improve.

Is Your Business On Twitter?

Is your business on Twitter? If not, then think about the marketing opportunities you could be missing out on.

And if your business is already on Twitter, then think about whether you’re using all 20 of these Twitter business tips. Doing so will ensure your social media marketing remains a success.

Here are 30 more Twitter power tips to enhance your Twitter marketing efforts.

It is also crucial to avoid social media mistakes. Keeping up-to-date with the latest Twitter changes and advancements will ensure you avoid any business reputational risk.

Which of these Twitter business tips do you think are the most essential to your enterprise?

Have you got any great Twitter business tips to add to this list?

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